Hand Dryer Suppliers Australia: Know the Factors to Consider

Hand Dryers today are one of the most popular gears in modern toilets. If you own a restaurant, bistro, or any sort of commercial establishment that offers bathrooms to customers, then you know how frequently people can visit the loo and use the paper towels drying their hands off. The bacteria transmission is more rapidly to occur from wet skin than from dry skin; hence, proper drying of hands after washing should be a crucial part of the hand hygiene process and are essential to a healthy community and lifestyle. This is where commercial hand dryer suppliers Australia come into the picture with the most trusted bathroom accessory to ensure proper hygiene in a public setting

Hand dryers have come a long way over the years and with great technological advancements, they have been the most energy efficient and cost efficient in all manners providing a better user experience. In the past, many people preferred paper towels to hand dryers as they were thought to be faster to use. However, with improved speed, the hand dryers today use as much as 80 percent less energy in the hand drying process. 

Hand dryers have always been considered as a green product. Used basically in common areas like public washrooms and restrooms both in commercial and in the corporate world, hand dryers can, save trees, money, and energy.

Hand dryer suppliers Australia are constantly in the lookout for an environmentally friendly option that will lend them the added benefit of saving money. Consideration of a clean and efficient hand dryer in the public convenience area should be an essential factor for all.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Dryer

If you have never paid much attention to hand dryers before, then you might get startled just knowing how many different factors are there to consider before buying one. Below mentioned are some of the points one ought to keep in mind while purchasing one. 

Price – the most important factor?

While purchasing, the price will be one of, if not the essential factor. So it is important to make sure of your expectations regarding exactly how much you are willing to pay to get the hand dryer you want. You can get a hand dryer in every range starting from low, medium to high price rate. Those on the lower end will be the most basic models. They’ll get the job done but won’t offer anything extra. If you want anything that goes beyond the basics – one with increased energy efficiency, one that looks good, a higher powered one that dries faster, or an automatic one with an infrared sensor – you have to shell out more.


Speed is one of the most crucial components in considering the practicality and quality of a hand dryer. No one wants to stay longer in the washroom of a commercial organization, so, hanging out by the hand dryer for about 40 seconds or longer is low on the list of ways people prefer to spend their time. The difference between 10 to 40 seconds may not seem like anything huge, but when it is the matter of getting out of the washroom and back to the things you would rather spend your time doing, that makes a huge difference.


Any machine particularly designed to blow out air at high power will be loud. Most of the traditional hand dryers that work at a lower power level are noiseless than their more high-powered, pricey counterparts, so if you are planning to install the hand dryer somewhere where commotion is a concern you may want to go with one of those. Some higher-end models come with adjustable motors, so you can turn down the power for an undisturbed performance.


In any shared washroom space, germs are a matter of concern. Automatic ones are more hygienic than the traditional push button hand dryers as it doesn’t require a touch in order to operate them, which means scarcely any opportunities for bacteria to spread from one surface to another.


Commercial hand dryers are good for customers, good for the environment, and good for you. You’ll save your bucks on paper towels and have less disorder to clean up in the washroom. If you decide to go with one of the high-end models, anyone using it can rely on getting their hands dried swiftly and in a way that is hygienic. 

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